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Sunflower I am a proud mom-in-law of a freaking awesome shirt

America safe stay focus and show them you are strong that nobody can break you, no mainstream media no matter how big the storm wave you can tackle it together with the help. Obama visited our neighbor’s reservation and left with many promises. The people believed him simply because they thought they could trust a […]

Stay home and watch Star Wars Covid 19 shirt

Texas infection counts and death counts on the rise, with insufficient testing, Stay home and watch Star Wars Covid 19 shirt – as established standards. It is clear that Abbot is trying to protect himself from the economic collapse that he and Trump orchestrated through ineptitude and inaction. They don’t want to pay unemployment benefits. […]

Vintage Roads where we’re going we don’t need roads shirt

This may be relevant in the context of the original question since it related repaving to local elections, and local politicians often have considerable leverage on minor road maintenance. Tarred roads wear away quickly, so depending on traffic, may need resurfacing annually. City road maintenance crews may work year-around resurfacing city streets and could resurface […]

Thank you for the memories 52 CC Sabathia New York Yankees 2009-2019 signature shirt

This next thing may sound a bit strange, but here goes – spend less time wearing earphones when you are out and about. When you are working out, running, stretching, whatever, learn to listen to your body. Second, my evaluation. Clay Davenport puts the Major League Equivalent of Darvish’s 2011 Japan season numbers at about […]

Alabama Crimson Tide 2020 toilet paper the your when shit got real #quatantined shirt

It’s pretty sad state of affairs when the news media is the news, by constantly making stuff up! Some of the media is so desperate for ratings they make up what they think their audience wants to hear. You need to have a staffer research the history of former president arresting members of the media […]

Sometimes I question my sanity but my rabbits told me I’m fine shirt

Unbelievable. There are so many selfish and reckless people acting out under the false pretense of patriotism with these Sometimes I question my sanity but my rabbits told me I’m fine shirt. We are better than this, America! Our nurses and doctors are on the front lines, I wish these protesters could understand what the […]

Never underestimate a woman who understands football and love Green Bay Packers shirt

Stock purchases have been offered several times where you could buy them. So if you want a “new” share you would have to wait for the Packers to make more available. If you are looking to get an existing share, you would need to find someone willing to sell, pay the face value, and get […]

Betty Boop I’m not yelling I’m a Texas girl we just talk loud shirt

It must be heartbreaking for all of the front line staff, my heart breaks for you all, as we know you are trying your best. Not yet anyway. Whoever is in charge of ordering or determining what is needed and make sure that they are getting what that particular hospital needs and is going to […]