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I thought I heard someone clap behind me but it was this ass shirt

And unfortunately, there are some prejudiced ones too that treated my friend and her daughter differently than my daughter. It’s a crazy world and I wish these patients had someone to be with them to advocate and not just on phones. You have every right to speak up we’re all gods children no one deserves […]

Joe Biden Uncle Sam you ain’t black shirt

It is suggested that the image was taken from Dan Rice, a famous clown from that era who performed with a trained pig (although the connections between the U.S. ruling elite and pork go back before that) before taking on the extreme nationalist outfit we associate with Uncle Sam. One of the earliest examples of […]

Mickey Mouse cars and Dallas Cowboys kind of girl shirt

I’d be doing the same thing. That most of these deaths are due to incompetence or not even related it is removed or slandered. Doctors have been telling us they are being forced to put on the death certificate without even testing. This is the perfect way to scare nations into giving up our freedoms. […]