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I trudged along with a hockey bag over my shoulder, said bag containing a bed roll, a Tom Clancy novel and an alarm clock. I had it good, but had no idea how good. It sounds hard, but work on responding rather than reacting. It is so easy to just react because we are wired, subconsciously, to simply react. These reactions are all we know, as it is our only form of awareness in that point in time; we react to stimulus in preconceived manners. Try to become aware of your sudden urges to just act out and choose to step back, observe your reaction or first response, DO NOT GO WITH IT, but instead look at the Mickey mouse Accept understand love shirt Furthermore, I will do this situation objectively. See them from a detached reality, one where you actively and consciously step back to view things as you allow certain emotions to just pass over and out of you. I feel your pain though.

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